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Nick Owen

Nick Owen has been a national and regional television broadcaster since 1978. He was one of the first faces on breakfast television in this country and enjoyed a partnership in more than a thousand programmes with Anne Diamond. He also presented ITV Sport in the eighties and nineties, which including anchoring the Olympic Games in 1988 and the World Cup in 1990. He has hosted BBC Midlands Today since 1997.

In 2006, Nick was awarded the Baird Medal by the Royal Television Society for services to television. In 2013, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Worcester.

He has four grown up children.





Mr. Adel Makar  MB  BCh  FRCS (urol)


First name
Job title
Consultant Urologist
Education and training
Higher Surgical Training Programme in Urology - South East Thames Rotation
Uro-oncology Fellow at the Christie's Cancer Hospital (Manchester)
MB BCh, M.S. FRCS (Urol)
Area of expertise
Urological Oncology
Reconstructive Urology
Hospital practice sites
  • Worcestershire Royal Hospital
Professional profile
I run a comprehensive state of the art uro-oncology practice
High volumes of procedures like
- Radical prostatectomies including Salvage surgery after failed radiotherapy
- Radical cystectomies with various diversion modalities including orthotopic bladder substitution
- Complex radical nephrectomies
- Complex nephron sparing surgery (partial nephrectomies)
- Major reconstructions of the urinary tracts including ureteric substitution and vesico-vaginal fisulas
General urological practice for
- Lower urinary tracts symptoms
- Prostatic stents
- Stones
- Erectile dysfunction
I run an active research programme currently concentrating on prostate and bladder cancer clinical research.
I teach at the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Institute of Urology and Nephrology in London.
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I run a comprehensive, state of the art uro-oncology practice at Worcester Royal Hospital with high volumes of procedures such as radical prostatectomy including salvage surgery after failed radiotherapy; radical cystectomies with various diversion modalities including orthotopic bladder substitution; complex radical nephrectomies; complex nephron sparing surgery (partial nephrectomy); major reconstructions of the urinary tract including ureteric substitution and vasico-vaginal fistulas. I also perform general urological practice for lower urinary tract symptoms; prostatic stents, stones, and erectile dysfunction. I run an active research programme currently concentrating on prostate and bladder cancer research. I teach at the Royal College of Surgeons of Rngland and the institute of |Urology and Nephrology in London.

Trustee and Chairman

Rev. Paul Brothwell

01299 823495


Trustee and Treasurer   

Paul Markall    01562 751355


I joined the Prostate Cancer Support Group in 2006 and became an active member more or less from the start. I was co-opted onto the Committee at the 2011 Annual General Meeting and after a number of months being exposed to its activities, I was talked into the position of Treasurer by one of my committee colleagues. I must admit that initially I found the job quite daunting. However, I now believe I have got to grips with it.


Derek Wood

01299 823619






David Underhill



Co-opted - Facilitator Lead

Derek Scully



Co-opted - Federation
Colin Tomkinson

01562 66593



Co-opted - Newsletter Editor

John Mills





Minutes Secretary

Val Markall


Trustee,  Fundraising

Brian Wilkes


My brother rang me in January 2015, saying he had prostate cancer, and in February after a PSA test, I was diagnosed and I had started my journey.

I had an MRI scan following a biopsy to determine my Gleason level and then a nuclear bone scan.

I was then prescribed hormone tablets and started a course of hormone injections, the last of five I had in January 2016.

In August, I started 37 fractions of radiotherapy over 7½ weeks at the new Oncology Unit at Worcester Royal, which finished in October.

In November, I decided to give something back to repay in some way the outstanding treatment I had received from my local NHS.

I immediately joined my local Prostate Cancer Support Group, and having a Shell business background with a retail-marketing-visual manifestations bias, I was quickly co-opted onto the Committee.

I am 76 years old and have worked for the past 8 years part-time on the check-outs at Morrisons, Bromsgrove, to keep my brain cells active.

In November I was invited to join the Rory the Robot campaign team to obtain funds from the retail sector.

I firstly targeted my local Waitrose store in Droitwich and obtained a slot for Rory in the December Charity Collection, and in the Malvern store in April.  Similar collections are planned for the new store in Worcester this year, and again at Droitwich in December.

I then obtained the agreement of Morrisons to a 2016 store campaign featuring 12 stores in and on the borders of Hereford and Worcestershire, the area the robotic surgical machine based at Redditch Alexandra Hospital will cover.

I then presented a case study to the Directors of Morrisons to obtain funding from the Foundation, and was awarded with a cheque for £25,000.

To date, the Morrisons campaign has achieved over £30,000 with 8 stores still to feature in 2016!  The Waitrose collection has achieved £875 to date.

I am confident my target of £40,000 will be achieved.



Dr Richard Herbert


I was a general practitioner in a large group practice and also an anaesthetist at the Kidderminster hospital and the Stourbridge group of hospitals.from 1967 until 2006.


Together with Barrie Davies, we set up the first voluntary pre-hospital trauma service in 1981 bringing advanced medical care to seriously injured patients. I retired from trauma responding at the end of 2012 being a member of the Mercia Accident Rescue Service (MARS).


I feel very strongly that the support the committee gives to the families of prostate cancer sufferers makes an important contribution to their wellbeing.



Trustee and Secretary
Mary Symons     -     01299 823166


Mary Symons, is the Secretary to the group. She retired from her full-time role as Clinical Nurse Specialist Urology/Oncology in 2009 and was asked to interview for the part time role in setting up the new Survivorship programme for the county. As both she and Chairman Paul Brothwell had worked on the Steering group for this programme it seemed appropriate to take it forward as the new way of following up men after treatment. This programme is now the benchmark for many other conditions and consequently, other programmes are in the process of being set up.

Mary, founded the Kidderminster Prostate Cancer Support Group which was officially founded in 2000, and has been Editor of the Newsletter and also analyses and sends out the results of the PSA blood tests taken at the Town Hall.

Mary is married with one son, two stepsons, 3 grandsons and one grand-daughter.”





Co-opted - Membership Secretary    

John Banner     01562228595


I have been a member of the support group for thirteen years. After being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, I had Brachytherapy at Cookridge Oncology Centre, Leeds and now have a virtually nil PSA reading. I joined the committee and was secretary and membership secretary from Jan 2004 until Apr 2010, when I reduced my commitment to Membership secretary only. After a year or so, not being one to stand on the sideline, I am now also editor of the `Supporter’ newsletter. I worked for twenty years in industry as a design draughtsman and then re-trained to become a teacher. I spent twenty-six years teaching firstly secondary children and then converted to primary education. I am happily married and well and truly retired.



Trustee - Publicity / Website

Richard Langley


Do join our group and learn from the experience of others, I did and it helped change my life. It was an honour to be invited onto the committee in 2013.

My first link to the support group came when I was invited to the annual carol service in December 2012. I had been diagnosed with Prostate cancer three years earlier and was scheduled to commence radio therapy within 2 months.

It was at the carol service where I met a fellow member, directly as a result of our discussion which related to his experience some years before, I changed my decision on the treatment on which I was about to embark.

For me this proved the best possible decision as the surgery I had led to a full and complete recovery and has given me an enhanced quality of life.

The Prostate Support Group can help in the early days, in the post operative days and also through the long road of rehabilitation.

I would strongly recommend that you join the support group and benefit from all the help on offer. 





South Worcestershire
Gordon Kingston


Stephen Branchett


Enos Hoskins


Johm Barratt




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